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A Commute You Can Smile About*

Your drive to work can add a ton of pollutants to the air in just a year. We can help you find a greener, cleaner way to commute that’ll put more “green” back in your wallet as well as reduce stress and traffic.

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You've Got Options

Ridesharing is more than just carpooling to work! Have you considered riding the bus or train, walking, biking, telecommuting or joining a vanpool?
Learn more about each mode below:

And Rewards

Ridesharing is already a more affordable way to get to work— and special incentives offered through IE Commuter make it an even bigger bargain.

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IE Commuter members get access to:

Carpool/vanpool matching

Find your future carpool or vanpool match to share the ride and cost savings with!

Personalized bus/train routing

Custom transit itinerary based on your route and schedule.

Access to rideshare incentives

Find out what incentives you may be eligible for and start earning rewards!

Guaranteed ride home

Access to an emergency ride home on a day you
rideshared to work.

In 2021, IE Commuter Participants

Reduced emissions by 12,272,917 lbs

Reduced vehicle miles by 10,718,175

Saved 2,578,667 dollars on commute costs

Find out how much you can save:

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