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Drive less and save big. Sharing the ride with just one other person cuts your gas costs in half!

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Register online for a free IE Commuter account and we’ll match you up with others interested in sharing the ride—people who live and work near you with similar work hours.

Sign up, find ridematches, start carpooling

Sign up with IE Commuter and enter your commute information. > Choose ridematches from the list of matching results. > Start enjoying the benefits of ridesharing!

Enjoy life in the fast lane

Carpooling can help cut an average of 36 minutes a day off your drive time. That’s more than two work weeks in a year! Plus, carpool with two or more commuters and get access to free or discounted rates on most local express lane facilities.

It pays to carpool

Carpool and you may earn $2 a day in gift card rewards for the first three months. Already rideshare? Sign up for free membership in Rideshare Plus and access savings at more than 500,000 merchants locally and nationwide.

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