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Rule 2202 and AVR Support

Surveying employees about how they get to work gives you vital information for setting up a commute management program. If you are an employer with 250 or more employees, a survey may be required annually to meet clean air mandates.

Everything you need to make surveying a breeze

IE Commuter provides the surveys (paper or electronic), and guides you step-by-step through the process. The survey collects employee data on where they live, work, work schedules and how they get to the worksite—whether driving alone or a rideshare alternative.

Meeting Rule 2202 mandates

We then process survey data to determine your average vehicle ridership (AVR). If you are required to meet South Coast AQMD Rule 2202, we’ll provide all necessary AVR data and documentation. Our team of rideshare experts is always on hand to provide advice and answer questions about preparing your Rule 2202 plan.

Along with your survey results, you’ll receive…

Free RideGuides

Custom-generated for each employee, RideGuides include all their rideshare options, including potential carpools, vanpools, bus/rail routes and more.

Ongoing access to data

Access and update your employee commute data at any time. Your commuters can also log into their own rideshare accounts, or call 1.866.RIDESHARE (866.743.3742) for ridematching assistance.

Handy reports

As the ETC, you’ll be able to generate maps, zip code lists and other valuable ridematching tools.

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Getting information online is great, but every now and then it’s helpful to talk to a real person! Let us know if you would like an IE Commuter representative to provide you a personalized introduction to our program.

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