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Rideshare Program Support

Regardless of your budget, you can offer incentives sure to get employees ridesharing. Our team of rideshare experts will help you identify and set up your best options. Many are free and may even save you money.

Rideshare Program Options

Tax Benefits

Employees pay for transit and vanpool expenses using pre-tax dollars—up to $270 a month. They’ll pay less in taxes. Your company’s payroll taxes are lower as well.

Preferred Parking

Designate spaces closer to the office for vanpools and carpools—a low- to no-cost perk.

Parking Cashout

Give employees an incentive to not drive by letting them opt out of their parking space to receive a cashout—especially cost-effective if your worksite pays for outside parking facilities.


Set up strategies so employees can work at home or at an office closer to home, at least occasionally—boosting productivity and employee morale.

Secure Bike Parking

Whether providing lockers, or establishing policies to allow bikes in the office, employees are more likely to commute by bike if they know they can stow it safely.


Instead of the usual '9 to 5' work schedule, employees work longer but fewer days during the week. Not only does it reduce the number of commuting days, it can help get them out of peak traffic times too.

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Getting information online is great, but every now and then it’s helpful to talk to a real person! Let us know if you would like an IE Commuter representative to provide you a personalized introduction to our program.

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