Frequently Asked Questions

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Join IE Commuter and discover your best commute with access to:

Carpool/Vanpool Matching
We make it easy for you to find a carpool or vanpool based on where you live, work, and your work schedule. Choose to be matched with coworkers at your company—or expand your search to our entire commuter database.

Personalized Bus/Train Routing Assistance
Get door-to-door bus and train routing which may include fares and transfers. Your transit itinerary will be personalized based on your schedule and where you live and work. 

Rideshare Incentives & Discounts
As a ridesharer, you may qualify for incentives such as $5/Day bonuses, access to discounts at more than 500,000 retailers, vanpool subsidies and more. Incentives are available to eligible commuters who ride the bus or train, carpool or vanpool,telework, bike, or walk to work.

Guaranteed Ride Home
If you need to get home in an emergency on a day you rideshare, don’t worry. With our Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program, you’ll be reimbursed the cost of a rental car, public transit, taxi, or transportation network company to get home. Through your participating employer, you can claim up to two (2) emergency rides home per Fiscal Year (July to June).

Discover How Much You Save by Ridesharing
Log your rideshare trips in your own personal Commute Log. When you do, you can get at-a-glance updates on how much money you’re saving on fuel and maintenance, the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases reduced, and a summary of your daily commute.

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Getting Started

How do I Sign Up?
Getting Started with IE Commuter is easy! From the home page just click Sign Up to enter in your first and last name along with your email address. You will receive an email verification with a link that is valid for 24 hours. Click the link and set your password and you are all set! If you need transportation assistance, we are here to help. Please contact us at 1-866-Rideshare (866-743-3742) from 7AM to 5PM weekdays. 

Find a Match!  Start by Signing in and updating your Commute Preferences under My Account.  Once that is complete, IE Commuter can help match you with fellow commuters, neighbors, or coworkers taking similar trips to carpool or vanpool with. Plus, you can explore what transit options are available to you. Visit My Matches to explore all your transportation options. 

To select different modes for matching (carpool, vanpool, transit, etc.) just click the button in the commute match pane for each desired mode to be used for ridematching. For each type of match, there are various criteria that you can change to refine your search. This can include search distance, time flexibility etc. For carpool, bike partner and vanpool match candidates, you can contact them right through IE Commuter via email or phone if the candidate permits their phone number to be shared.

Track your Impact: You can see how easy on the environment and your wallet your commute is by logging your rideshare trips in our Commute Log. By logging your rideshare trips you can see how many pounds of pollution and money your transportation choices have saved - all in real time. Sign in and click on the  Commute Log to track your impact.  

Get Incentives: IE Commuter offers three different incentives for eligible commuters: 

New to ridesharing...The $5/Day start-up rideshare incentive can earn you up to $125! 

Already ridesharing…

  • Rideshare Plus is all about the “Perks” and is free to you!
  • Monthly Rideshare Spotlight is a monthly sweepstakes where you can win a prize valued up to $100!

Visit our Commuter Incentives webpage to learn more about each incentive and how to participate.

Using IE Commuter


What is Ridesharing?

When you ride the bus, train, vanpool, carpool, telework, bike, or walk to work… you are ridesharing.

Is there a fee to Rideshare or participate with IE Commuter?
No, IE Commuter is a program of the Riverside County Transportation Commission and San Bernardino County Transportation Authority whose Mission is to reduce traffic and improve air quality throughout the region by increasing the awareness and adoption of ridesharing. The program and its services are provided at no-cost to eligible Riverside County and San Bernardino County employers and commuters.

Can I call IE Commuter for transportation assistance?
Yes, IE Commuter representatives are here to help and available on weekdays from 7AM to 5PM  at 1-866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742).  You can also email us at info@IECommuter.org at your convenience.

How does IE Commuter estimate pollution and cost savings?
To get pollution savings, we have used the figures reported by the Environmental Protection Agency of the amount of various pollutants per mile produced by the average car in our region. 

I am responsible for transportation services at my worksite, how does my employer sign up for IE Commuter? 
IE Commuter helps employers set up a rideshare program that can benefit you and your company with various tools, free support, and incentives for employees- all at no-cost. For more information, visit our Employer Services section, call 1-866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742), or email us at info@IECommuter.org.

What browsers does IE Commuter support?
IE Commuter works in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. All communication to and from IE Commuter using web browsers is conducted via a secure connection provided by a SSL certificate.

My Account

How do I reset my password?

Resetting your password is quick and easy. From the Sign In link on the home page, click on the “Forgot Password” link underneath the “Sign In” button.  You will then be prompted to enter your email address associated with IE Commuter and you will then receive an email containing a link to click so you can set a new password.

Finding Matches

Do I need to use my home address for matching purposes?
The great thing about matching in IE commuter is you can use any location you want to be your starting point. That means you can use your home address, major cross streets, a local Park & Ride lot or any location you are able to start your rideshare commute from. 

How do I find a ridematch for my commute to and from work?

Once you are logged into IE Commuter, click on the My Matches menu. You'll see a commute match pane that allows you to select the type of ridematch (carpool, vanpool, etc.) at the top along with a map. A list of match results will be displayed below the map based on the information you provided in your profile. 

To select different modes for matching (carpool, vanpool, transit, etc.) just click the button in the commute match pane for each desired mode to be used for ridematching. For each type of match, there are various criteria that you can change to refine your search. This can include search distance, time flexibility etc. 

For carpool, bike partner and vanpool match candidates, you can contact them right through IE Commuter via email or phone if the candidate permits their phone number to be shared.

Help! Why am I not finding any matches?

If by chance you are not seeing any matches for your commute, try expanding the mile radius for your origin, destination, along route. You can also change the flexibility time, if your schedule is in fact flexible. If you are still not seeing a match it may be that at this moment no matches are not available, but our database does grow daily. Go to the My Account menu and select Match Alerts to be notified when a match is available for you. Our IE Commuter team is also happy to assist you between 7AM and 5PM by calling (866) RIDESHARE (866) 743-3742. 

There aren’t bus stops or train stations near my home/work, what options do I have?

First and Last Mile is the experience that links commuters to and from transit and connects their origins and destinations. Transit users often rely on other ways to get to and from their bus or train stops by walking, biking, scooter, skateboard, and or transportation network services. 

What transit providers are near me? 

Please visit our Commute Options page where we highlight all the  major transit providers in the Inland Empire region. 

Sharing my Ride

How do I start a Carpool?

Setting up a carpool is easy. Co-workers, family, friends and/or employees from the surrounding employers near your worksite are all ideal candidates. Once you sign up for IECommuter.org and opt-in for ridematching, you can get matched with other commuters with a similar route and work schedule as you. 

Talk to your employee transportation coordinator or IE Commuter, we’ll help you get started. Call 1-866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742) for assistance or email us at info@IECommuter.org.

What is a Vanpool? 

A Vanpool can save you time and money compared to driving alone. Vanpools are similar to carpools, except they involve more people -- a group of five to 15 commuters who regularly travel together to/from work in a seven to 15 seat comfortable vehicle at least 12 days per month. Vanpools can have multiple pick-up and drop-off locations.  

Vanpool passengers share a monthly lease cost and fuel costs. Typically maintenance and insurance is included in the lease. Most vanpool programs offer a $400 subsidy to help offset the cost of the leased vanpool vehicle. Fore more information please visit our Vanpool page.

How do I start a Vanpool?

After you have created an account from the IECommuter.org home page, click on Commuter Options, then Vanpool. Enter your destination city to see which vanpool program you may qualify for. The contact information for the vanpool program will be displayed on the screen. With your IE Commuter account you will also be able to access the SB Loop and VanClub subsidy applications. 

Logging Trips

Why should I log my rideshare trips?

Logging your commute trips will show you how much you have reduced your carbon footprint. You can see how easy on the environment and your wallet your commute is by logging your rideshare trips in our Commute Log. Our Green calculator shows you how many saved vehicle miles traveled, tons of pollution reduced, and cash saved in your wallet. Sign in and click on the  Commute Log from the main menu to access this feature.  

Many of our rideshare incentives also are linked to your Commute Log. You may be eligible for one or more of our incentive programs. See our Commuter Incentives page for more details. 


How do I log my commute trips?
After logging into IE Commuter, select Commute Log from the main menu to start logging your commute trips.  The Commute Log is laid out like a one-month calendar. You will need to first set up your Daily Commute. Give it a name, select the type of trip (e.g. round trip, one way, or one time trip), mode, and enter the one way miles for the segment. Now that you are all set up; simply drag and drop your daily commute template to each corresponding day of the month. 

By default, it starts in the current month. Note that future days on the calendar are disabled, however you can log up to six months in the past. Convenient buttons are provided at the top to move from month to month and return to the current day.


Do I have to log my trips every day? How does that benefit me?

No, however, to reap the benefits it would be a good idea. The Commute Log is a convenient tool you may use to track your trips - both one-time rides and regular commute trips. As you do so, you'll see your commute savings (in miles of vehicle traveled, pollution, and cost savings).

If I forget to log a trip can I still log it later?

Yes, but you can only report trips as much as 30 days in the past.

Can I log my trips on my smartphone or mobile device?

Yes, all IE Commuter web pages are mobile friendly and can be used on most mobile devices.

Can I see how many miles I have saved and how my ridesharing efforts are saving the environment?

Yes, in the Commute Log you will see a calculation of your logged trips in miles traveled, tons of pollution reduced and cost savings. Click on Show Details to see a breakdown. You can also run these calculations for a specific time frame. 

Tools & Programs



What is $5/Day?

The $5/Day rideshare incentive program allows commuters a chance to earn $5 a day in gift card rewards for each rideshare day they log over a three month consecutive period, and up to $125. The $5/Day program is open to those who rideshare to work and live in San Bernardino or Riverside counties.

Who qualifies for $5/Day?

To be eligible for the $5/day rideshare incentive program, participants must:

  • Rideshare to work (bus, train, vanpool, carpool, bike or walk) a minimum of five (5) days per month for three (3) consecutive months
  • Employer must have a valid participation form on file with IE Commuter
  • Live in San Bernardino or Riverside counties
  • Complete the $5/Day application

I live in eastern Riverside County or Coachella Valley, do I qualify?

Yes. The $5/Day program is open to residents of all areas of Riverside County who meet the other eligibility requirements, as noted above.

How do I apply for $5/Day?

You will need to be signed in to complete the brief qualification application. Once you have logged into the IE Commuter portal, you can apply for $5/Day from the home page by clicking the "You may be eligible for our $5/Day Incentive” icon. After answering a few questions you can then start logging your trips in the Commute Log. See more information on the Commuter Incentives page, or contact us at 866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742) or Incentives@IECommuter.org.

What if I previously participated in the $2/Day program?

Previous participants of the $2/Day program are not eligible to enroll in the $5/Day program. Please check out our Monthly Rideshare Spotlight and Telework Spotlight to see how you may qualify for additional incentives.

Is teleworking eligible?

The $5/Day program does not apply to telework-only commuters or single-occupancy vehicle commuters. Those who telework on a part-time basis are still eligible for days when they commute in another rideshare mode (bus, train, vanpool, carpool, bike or walk) to work. We encourage teleworkers to check out the Telework Spotlight  program, where they may be eligible to enter to win monthly prizes valued at up to $100 for logging their telework activity. Additionally, participants will get access to impact reports demonstrating commute costs saved and vehicle emissions reduced related to their telework activity.

Are subsidized vanpool participants eligible too?

Vanpool riders living in Riverside County or San Bernardino County may qualify for the $5/Day program. The $5/Day program allows concurrent participation in regional vanpool subsidy programs. 

How can I tell if I work for a participating IE Commuter employer?

Upon submitting your workplace information, you will see either a red font message saying your employer is not signed up for this incentive or a green font message saying your employer is eligible . If you have previously participated in the $5/Day program, you will see a red font message indicating you cannot sign up again.


What is Rideshare Spotlight and who qualifies?

Monthly Rideshare Spotlight is a monthly sweepstakes where you can win a prize valued up to $100 by simply logging eight (8) rideshare round trips or 16 one-way trips) in your online Commute Log per month. Your commute entries must be logged before midnight on the last day of the month.


What is Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) and who qualifies?

IE Commuter offers a GRH incentive for employers that work for companies who have an Employer Participation Agreement with IE Commuter. GRH provides employees reimbursement for a rental car, public transit, taxi, or transportation network company should they need to get home in an emergency or need to work mandatory overtime. In the event that connecting bus service to rail is out of service, GRH can be used for a ride to the train station so the commuter does not lose their connecting trip. GRH is available to employees who rideshare the day the ride is needed (up to two rides per fiscal year – July to June). Some restrictions may apply. For more information please call 1-866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742) or email us at info@IECommuter.org.


How do I find and participate in a challenge?

Sign in to IECommuter.org, from the main menu click Commute Log. If a challenge is available to you it will appear at the top of your calendar. Click on Show Details to learn more. Each challenge will have a Join button. Click the Join button for the Challenge you wish to participate in and follow the instructions.